Caffeine Rush for Clean Water in Uganda

Three Avocados is a coffee nonprofit


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Three Avocados, a social enterprise that generates funds for clean water in Africa, actually uses coffee - not avocados - to fuel its activities.
Born out of compassion and determination to do good in this world, Three Avocados donate 100% of their profits to building water projects in Uganda. Three Avocados believe that better access to clean water in Uganda is key in ensuring that Ugandan kids get education, which would result in a stronger economy for the financially struggling country.
Three Avocados source coffee from Uganda's Mt. Elgon by collaborating with small coffee growing cooperatives in Uganda. The coffee is fairly traded and organically grown - though uncertified (the nonprofit explains that the cost of certification is beyond the modest operation's budget). Good doing coffee enthusiasts can get Three Avocados coffee online and in select locations. [Source: Three Avocados]

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