Joe Cross’s Juicy Journey to a Healthier Life

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - the documentary


Glasses of carrot juice.

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a documentary that chronicles Joe Cross’s road to a healthier life.
At over 100 pounds overweight, on daily steroid medication and suffering from a rare autoimmune disease, the Ozzie was not in good shape, to say the least. Upon turning 40, Cross realized that he needed to focus on his health. Instead of going on Weight Watchers or turning to the Atkins diet, Cross took a different direction: for 60 days he only drank juice from natural fruits and vegetables – ditching processed food and any type of solids from his diet.
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead traces Cross's 60 day juice diet - a physical and emotional voyage, complemented by a journey throughout the United States, meeting and talking with Americans about their food habits. This inspirational tale sheds light on the importance of healthy eating and gives more meaning to the old adage, “you are what you eat.” Since then, Cross has founded Reboot Your Life, a health and wellness company that provides information, resources and tools about diets rich in vegetables and fruit and the benefits of juicing. [Source: Reboot Your Life]

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