7 Animals Native to Canada That Aren’t Polar Bears

Canada is home to a range of beautiful and majestic creatures - how many do you recognize?

Jul 24, 2015


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This little red fox is a native of Canada. 

Canada is best known for its beautiful natural landscapes, cold weather, hockey and super polite citizens. And of course, polar bears - at least two-thirds of the world’s polar bears live in Canadian territory. While the white fuzzy bears garner a lot of attention, Canada is home to a diverse range of beautiful animals and wildlife. Ready to meet them? Read on. 


This mostly nocturnal animal looks like an adorable household cat with a twist. The lynx thrives in the forests of Canada and subsists on a diet of snowshoe hares.


Immortalized by Rocky and Bullwinkle, the moose is part of the deer family. The total Canadian population is estimated at somewhere between 500,000 and one million moose. 


Not to be confused with an X-Men character , the animal wolverine comes from the weasel family, and isn’t even a wolf! The shy creatures are very protective and keep to themselves in dens made out of snow tunnels, rocks and boulders. 


Munching on a diet of marine species, these social animals have a language of their own consisting of clicks, whistles and chirps that help them communicate with one another and thwart danger. 


These beautiful animals are quite sturdy - weighing up to 300 lbs (140 kg). Fun fact: bighorn sheep's horns make up a whopping 10% of their body mass. 


Known for its distinctive black head, this wetlands bird heads south for the winter, flying in a beautiful “V” pattern. This helps them save energy as they benefit from the air currents passing through the head of the “V” allowing them to fly longer distances. 


These bucktooth swimming critters are the national animal of Canada and are quite industrious. Beavers build dams on rivers and streams, and even construct canals to float building materials to use for their homes or lodges.

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