7 Awesome DIY Projects for Kids

Wonderful homemade creations.

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child fingerpainting.

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An awesome alternative to TV, DIY - or arts and crafts - are fun and provide a wonderful sense of satisfaction. Check out the following seven cool DIY things to do at home - great for kids and adults alike.


WHY Bubbles are the best and provide the kiddies with endless enjoyment! Instead of
buying bubbles, make your own!
SOURCE Red Ted Art stands by its mission to bring color and art into children’s
hearts with their vast selection of arts and crafts projects specifically geared to kids.
The UK based site even features video tutorials such as how to make paper photo
and 10 music craft ideas.  


WHY This ingenious DIY activity is not only creative and too cute for words, but makes
good use out of old plastic bottles.
SOURCE Sugar and Dots is the brainchild of Kimmie Ess and is a fun and sassy blog where Ess writes about her personal life, parenting and fashion style. The site also features craft contributors who submit awesome projects like the sumo wrestler plastic bottles. 


WHY Most kids grow up on stories of kings, queens, princes and princesses who, most usually, reside in elegant and beautiful castles. Turn those fairytales into a reality with an easy to make dream castle that any kid will love.
SOURCE Founded by parent team Laura and Timothy Dahl, Built By Kids believes that the process of building is the goal, given that children learn, bond and use their creativity to construct. With a mix of easy and challenging projects, Built by Kids offers an array of projects from tree houses and swings to magnets and wooden swords.


WHY This beautiful DIY creation will catch anyone’s eye! Using colored cellophane and plastic containers, this easy to do project can be modified into any shape of your choosing. 
SOURCE Pink Stripey Socks offers a great selection of kids arts and crafts ideas, but also has cool sections such as fashion and beauty and holiday and party DIY. 


WHY Paper, tape, scissors, pom pom’s and a sharpie is all that is needed to create a zoo of animals! This simple and fun DIY doesn’t take a long time to create, but will ensure hours of pure enjoyment.
SOURCE Hello Lidy is a beautiful blog to get your aesthetic DIY fix, featuring gorgeous projects like a glitter leaf heart wreath or a map heart bouquet. The blog also explores  the personal side of life with Hello Lidy creator’s adoption journey.


WHY Making a fort is a must do for each and every kid; that’s where stories are created and imaginary adventures take place. Using only newspapers and tape shaped into large triangles, a homemade mobile fort can be erected anywhere.  
SOURCE Modern Parents Messy Kids (MPMK) is the name of the site that lives by the motto, Mindful Living, Effortless Style. Offering a plethora of DIY projects, MPMK takes it a step further with sections dedicated to children’s educational activities, sensory and interactive play and dramatic play.


WHY Simple and fun, pipe cleaners and yarn comprise this decorative DIY project. Yarn fonts can also be used to help kids with spelling and shaping words.
SOURCE This great activity comes from the DIY blog of giddy giddy, an online store that sells handmade accessories for young ladies, from pouches to hair clips.

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