7 Best Benefits of Eating Bananas

One of nature’s best foods!

A  bunch of organic yellow bananas.

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Bananas are one of nature’s best foods. That’s because these yellow – red, pink, purple or green – super fruits come with a host of health benefits. Bananas are native to Southeast Asia but are grown in warm places around the world.

Bananas are a rich source of nutrients like potassium and vitamin B6, and are a great snack because they provide energy to keep you going , according to Health. Adding bananas to your diet is very good for you. Here are seven best health benefits of bananas:

Fiber Rich

Bananas contain three grams of fiber. The recommended amount of fiber that people need is between 22 and 34 grams and most Americans consume much less. Fiber adds roughage that helps with digestive health, helps support heart health, and could reduce the risk of some cancers including colon cancer. You can pair a  banana with a whole grain cereal to get a bigger fiber boost.

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Good for Your Gut

Besides adding fiber that helps keep you regular, eating bananas before they are fully ripe is a prebiotic that helps feed good gut bacteria. While bananas can help you prevent constipation, did you know that they can also help treat diarrhea? According to Medical News Today, bananas are part of the BRAT diet – bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast – that is used to treat diarrhea. Bananas can help replace the loss of water and electrolytes when you are ill.

Unripe green bananas.

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Could Preserve Memory

Bananas contain tryptophan – an amino acid that is also found in turkey – that can help you  learn and remember new things. Tryptophan can also help to boost your mood according to a study that was published in the journal Nutrients. That’s because tryptophan helps in the production of serotonin; the happiness hormone that helps to regulate mood.

Healthy banana and oatmeal smoothie.

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Promotes Heart Health

Bananas contain fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants that support heart health. Potassium is vital for blood pressure control, according to Healthline, and this healthy fruit contains a full 10 percent of the daily recommended amount. Bananas also contain magnesium which is necessary to help prevent heart disease.

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Contains Powerful Antioxidants

Fruits – including bananas – are a great source of powerful plant-compounds including flavonoids and amines that are antioxidants that help to combat the oxidative damage to your cells that are caused by free radicals. If you do not eat enough antioxidant-rich foods, free radicals can cause chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

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Good for Diabetics

Bananas are good for diabetics because of the high fiber content the fruit contains. Unripe bananas also contain resistant starch which is a type of fiber that cannot be digested. Together, the two types of fiber could help moderate blood sugar levels. That’s because bananas will not cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.

Plantain bananas must be cooked before eating.

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Helps Muscle Function

Since bananas contain electrolytes like potassium, stressed Health, they help your muscles to function normally. Your body needs adequate potassium levels to be able to exercise and recover quickly, otherwise you could suffer muscle and whole-body fatigue.

Banana chips are a healthy snack.

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