The 7 Best Holiday Films to Watch This Season

These classics will fill you with holiday spirit, laughter, and nostalgia

These movies consistently bring the holiday cheer no matter how many times you've seen them. (Shutterstock)

These movies consistently bring the holiday cheer no matter how many times you've seen them. (Shutterstock)

While there is no shortage of action-packed blockbusters, animated films, and dramas that hit the theaters come holiday season, there is nothing tat quite compares to cozying up with a tried and true movie that prompts a slew of tear jerking moments and laughter in equal measure. These movies pinpoint the emotional holiday roller coaster with complete familiarity, and the portrayal of family dynamics, memories, relationships and personal resolutions are so authentic that they continue to resonate with viewers year after year. These movies consistently bring the holiday cheer no matter how many times you've seen them.


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This one always tops the list of movies to see this season, for its sheer cast of memorable characters, relatable story plots, and heart-warming twists. It's the kind of movie you can walk into and pick up on even in the middle and still feel for the relationships involved. (Universal Pictures)



Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet made swapping homes cool way before AirBnB took over the market. In this hilarious tale of two women looking to make changes in their lives and spontaneously booking each other's homes for a holiday getaway, we fall for each of the character's nuanced roles and the funny relationships they create along the way. (Rex)


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While romantic comedies are always teetering on the edge of saccharine, this one has a way of reeling you in and making you fall for the characters. Caught in lovingly coincidental circumstances that take place over time, two strangers are fated to eventually find one another again after an initial happenstance meeting. (Miramax)

4. ELF

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Will Ferrell is pitch-perfect in his role as an elf who is the odd one out in his North Pole community of Christmas elves. The holiday festivities, cheeky sense of humor, and snowy shots of New York City fill even adult watchers with child-like wonder. (Warner Bros)


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An all-star cast with all too familiar, laugh-out-loud eccentric family dynamics, this 'coming home for the holidays' dramedy hits all the soft spots when it comes to complicated sibling relationships, love, and finding one's own comfort zone and thoughtfully wraps it up into one big present under the tree.    (20th Century Fox)


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Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn bring the belly laughs as a couple who hatch elaborate plans to finagle their way out of visiting all four of their divorced parents during the holidays - until their lies backfire and they are forced to pay their dues. The result is four stops full of chaos, comedy, and catharsis. (Warner Bros)


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Even over 25 years later, this feel-good, beloved family film still instantly ignites festive holiday vibes. After being accidentally left home alone by his family in the rush to get to the airport, eight-year-old Kevin McCallister pulls a series of shenanigans that are at once comedy gold and full of heart - making this the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time in America - still to this day. (20th Century Fox)