7 Cold Weather Hacks to Keep Warm and Cozy

Stay warm without turning up the heat.

Woman keeping warm in the winter with a warm shawl.

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When the weather turns chilly outside, people just want to be snug and warm inside. But keeping warm doesn’t have to mean turning up the thermostat.

Remember those nostalgic holiday cards that show families around the fireplace wrapped in cozy comforters sipping hot cocoa. While many people living in cities and suburbs don’t have fireplaces, the basic concept of keeping warm naturally still works.

Check out these seven cold weather hacks and stay warm and toasty all winter long:

Layer Your clothing

Putting on multiple layers works best to keep you warm according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Start by wearing long underwear, polyester actually works better than cotton, or wear flannel clothing. You can put on a warm sweater, wrap yourself in a fleece blanket, or snuggle in a cozy comforter during cold evenings and make sure you cover your head even if you are staying indoors to reduce heat loss.

When you go outside, remember to wrap yourself in a scarf. Several layers keep you warmer than just one warm coat and allows you to shed layers if you get overheated when doing physical activity.

Dress in layers to stay warm indoors and out.

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Keep Your Feet Toasty

If you keep your feet warm, the rest of you will be too, according to The Spruce. Take off wet footwear when you come home and slip on some furry warm slippers – animal faces are not necessary –  or wool socks. For outdoors, wear fleece lined waterproof boots when it is raining or snowing.

keep your feet warm with furry lined slippers.

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Humidify Your Home

While a humidifier won’t raise the temperature in your home, cautions The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it will make it feel warmer. That’s because humidity increases the airs’ ability to hold onto heat. Humidifying your home will also make the air more comfortable to breathe and helps to soothe your skin, nose, and throat. You can use a commercial humidifier or keep a post of simmering water on your stove.

Woman sleeping in bedroom with a humidifier working.

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Drink Warm Beverages

Keep warm from the inside out. This is the best time of year to keep hot beverages like tea, coffee, hot cocoa and  cider readily available. This is also the perfect time of the year to make hearty soups and stews. Using your oven will help keep your kitchen warm.

Young girl staying warm by drinking a hot cocoa.

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Winterize Your Home

Before the snow flies, take the time to winterize your home by giving it a cold weather tune-up. Add weather stripping and caulk to your doors and windows, wrap and insulate your ductwork being sure to seal up any leaks. Make your windows more energy efficient by adding window film. if possible you can add additional insulation to your attic, walls and basement. A little preventive work will keep you from turning up the heat.

Caulking windows to keep heat in.

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Take Advantage of the Sun

You can use a natural source of heat in your home by taking advantage of the sun’s energy, according to We Heart. During the day, open curtains and drapes to let in sunlight and heat your living spaces. In the evening, simply close them to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Woman opening a curtain to let in sunlight

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Warm Your Bed

Nothing is worse than trying to sleep in a freezing cold bed. So instead of heating your whole house, heat your bed instead. You can use an energy efficient electric blanket or try one of these tried-and-true suggestions from The Old Farmer’s Almanac. You can use a hot water bottle that is lined with fleece or wool between the sheets before you go to bed. You can opt for flannel sheets in the colder months or snuggle in a down filled comforter.

Use an electric blanket to warm your bed.

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