7 Comedy Podcasts Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day

A good laugh you can take with you anywhere.


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Whether it’s a chuckle, a chortle, or that gut-busting, boisterous roar that sends milk shooting out of your nose and tears rolling down your cheeks, we can all use a good laugh every now and again. Not only because we couldn’t imagine passing up another funny dog video, but for the health benefits as well -  lower blood pressure, increased creativity, and reduced stress, to name a few. Aside from the usual laugh-inducing crowd favorites (i.e. The Onion, animal videos, Gigglers.tv), podcasts are also one of the best ways to bring on the funnies. For some laughter on-the-go, download any of these seven comedy podcasts on your mobile phone, iPad, or Ipod - and let the giggling begin!


Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me! is a mishmash of trivia, current events and celebrity interviews – and the result is hilarious. Panelists call in to compete in various games featuring questions based on the week’s news. Guests have included Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, Kim Kardashian, Richard Price and even Lance Bass from N’Sync.
THE PUNCHLINE: Host Peter Sagal’s enthusiasm, comical prowess, and intellect combine to make this a game show like none other.



This “advicecast” stars brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy, who provide humorous answers to queries submitted by listeners or posted to Yahoo! Answers. For example, the trio has addressed burning questions about dating, hobbies, insecurity, and love.
THE PUNCHLINE: Listeners can really sense the family connection by the way the brothers banter back and forth, complimenting one on his style, or expressing concern about the other’s lack of sleep. It’s both endearing and entertaining!



It takes a special kind of person to look back at the events of their past and laugh at their mistakes, awkward moments, or terrible fashion choices. Listen and laugh along with the Mortified comedy podcast as adults read from their most embarrassing childhood artifacts including diaries, poems, songs, journals, and even the dreaded AOL chat conversations. Guests share tales of their first kiss, life at bible camp, worst prom and more in front of an audience of strangers.
THE PUNCHLINE: This podcast will have you cringing at the familiarity, but also laughing out loud at the hilarity of it all.


In a nutshell, You Made It Weird consists of comedian, actor, writer and cartoonist, Pete Holmes, conversing with comedians for long periods of time - and it is awesome. The topics are less often about their work and more often about religion, family, confidence, dating, and human existence in general.
THE PUNCHLINE: Pete Holmes’ superb ability to transform an interview into an intimate conversation - whether he’s meeting his guest for the first time or not - makes this comedy podcast both wildly funny and uniquely engaging.



Comedians Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are supposed to tackle some of mankind’s most difficult questions on their podcast. Though the topics do sometimes drift to things like Santa Claus, tugboats, and miracles instead, when they do dive into the tougher questions - like if God exists or if time travel is possible - they do so with surprisingly clever insight.
THE PUNCHLINE: The duo’s creativity and blunt comedic style will having you simultaneously laughing and learning.



Listen to comedian Scott Aukerman interview comedy legends, musicians, and anyone who happens to stroll in the studio as part of their open-door policy (Björk once made a surprise appearance!).
THE PUNCHLINE: With over 300 episodes, Comedy Bang! Bang! has an impressive reservoir of top-notch interviews that are sure to keep you endlessly entertained.



As the name suggests, this podcast hosts a slew of improvisers who…improvise! Hosted by Matt Besar, founder of the Upright Citizens Brigade sketch group, Improv4Humans creates hilarious scenes out-of-the-blue - from a genius surgeon who likes to be addressed as a cat, to a team of monkeys and falcons that ward off birds from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.
THE PUNCHLINE: The outrageousness and imagination of the featured guests are what make this comedy podcast a true giggle-generator.