7 Essential Oils for Every Mood

Learn how to use the powerful healing energies of aromatherapy.


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For thousands of years, people have used aromatherapy for healing and wellbeing. The practice uses essential oils, which are concentrated extracts from plants, for physical and emotional health through the sense of smell and skin absorption.

Diffusers, aromatic spritzers, inhalers, bath salts, body oils, facial steamers, clay masks, and hot or cold compresses unlock the unique medicinal properties of each essential oil. Experience the healing energy of plants with aromatherapy for every mood with these seven powerful scents.

Feel happy with citrus

When you want to put a smile on your face, try citrus scents like orange, lemon, and grapefruit. A study from Frontiers in Psychology found that the odor improves your mood. Fill your living space with positivity by lighting a citrus-scented incense candle.

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Perk up with peppermint oil

When you want to feel energized and alert, try peppermint oil. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health found that this refreshing fragrance may reduce stress as well as improve mental function.

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Calm down with lavender oil

Think of lavender as your “go to” for calming the nerves. A study in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice found that lavender may soothe anxiety. If you feel a little stressed, use lavender incense or candles (great for meditation or before bed). You can also use the flowery aroma in your bubble bath or as a bath bomb. 

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Sleep soundly with chamomile oil

When you want better sleep quality, reach for the sweet, herbaceous aroma of chamomile. This pretty daisy-like white flower has amazing health benefits to help you fall asleep deeply, according to research from Molecular Medicine Reports. You can diffuse the oil in your bedroom or add a few drops to a homemade bath bomb before bed. 

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Feel the love with ylang ylang

When you want to set the mood on date night, try ylang ylang. The romantic fragrance may be a potent aphrodisiac, says Science Direct. It also has euphoric properties, which boost confidence and promote overall well being, according to this research.

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Help soothe a cough with camphor

Camphor oil comes from the wood of camphor trees. You probably recognize this scent, along with eucalyptus oil, in products like Vicks VapoRub. According to a pediatric study on children with a night cough, using a vapor rub offered relief. Camphor oil’s dual hot and cold action reduces pain by cooling nerve endings while soothing stiff joints and muscles.

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Relieve stress with rose oil

Roses come in many colors and with many health benefits, too! To feel calm at the end of a long day, rose oil is a great choice. A study in Nephro-Urology Monthly shows that inhaling rose water may reduce anxiety. In fact, the scent of rose oil relieves stress by decreasing blood pressure and breathing rate. 

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