7 Hacks to Help Stay Organized

Now is the best time to start a new habit


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Some people are super organized and appear to be born to multitask. But being really organized is not an inherited trait. You have to work at it and it is a skill that can be learned.

So, if your kitchen junk drawer has decades of takeout menus in it, your closet is bulging with clothing that you no longer wear, or your desk consists of piles of paperwork with sticky notes everywhere, this article is meant for you. Here is a list of seven useful tips that can help you become the organized person you aspire to be:

Jot it Down

Trying to remember everything is almost like juggling with one hand tied behind your back. super organized people don’t memorize, they write it down. According to Life Hacks, a pen and paper is the way to remember important information externally instead of internally.

Write birthdays and other important dates on a calendar or planner. Make shopping lists of what you need to buy before you leave the house. Want to stay organized at work? Keep a calendar or planner on your computer and use sticky note lists on your desktop.

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Keep a To Do List

These lists work for everything from  a chore list for your kids at home to mapping your work day. Working on a big project like renovating your home or redoing a website at work? Keep track of it on a to do list where you can easily check off what you have already accomplished. This will keep you organized and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the size of the task.

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Start a Daily Routine

People are hardwired to love a routine. Without one, you will have to spend everyday deciding what to do. Having a daily routine provides an easy-to-follow framework for your day. You can optimize our day by scheduling when you wake up and be sure to include time for exercise and a healthy breakfast according to Northwestern Medicine’s Healthy Tips. This will fuel your body and give you focus to complete the rest of the day.

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Stop Procrastinating

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today really rings true. That’s because the longer you wait to do something the harder it will be to actually get it done. Waiting until the report is due the next day will add additional stress and doing a rush job may not allow you to do it right. So, stick to your list and don’t procrastinate.

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How is it possible to stay organized if you can’t even find your desk? One of the keys to staying organized, according to Life hacks, is to make sure every item has a home. You can keep all your frequently used items like pens and paper in a cup holder on your desk but rarely used items can be placed in a drawer or closet.

You can declutter your kitchen by keeping all your baking goods together, and organizing your pantry so canned goods are in one location, spices in another etc. Labeling also helps. This will work for any room in your home or office. The trick is putting things back in its home when you are done using them.

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Delegate Tasks at Home and Work

One of the best tips to staying organized is to not do everything yourself. So, learn how to delegate. Some tasks at home can be done by older children. If you are part of a team at work and you are doing everything yourself, assign part of your duties to a coworker. The best way to do this, according to Life Hacks, is to take your to do list and find things that you can easily give away to someone who is qualified to do them and lighten your load.

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Get a Good Night Sleep

But most of all, you cannot function properly and stay organized  if you do not get some shut eye. According to the CDC, 70 million Americans in the US suffer from a sleep disorder. It’s difficult to stay focused and on track if you are sleep deprived. So, when it comes to getting organized, begin by getting a good nights’ rest.

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