7 Inspiring Quotes to Awaken Your Inner Activist

The most significant changes in history were made by a group of people who dreamt of something larger.

May 10, 2019



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Every day we are afforded new opportunities to incite meaningful change in our society. Activism, in its various forms, is a particularly powerful tool that has enabled people throughout history to be agents of large-scale change.

However, the word “activist” is off-putting to many, as it tends to bring to mind radical protesters fighting police and demonstrators going on hunger strikes.

“Activism” is much broader than that though; it means taking a stand for something we believe in, and can be done through: art and music, letter-writing, sit-ins, walk-outs, education, social media, forms of resistance- such as the refusal to buy certain products, and much more.

And in today’s digital age, we barely need to leave the living room to take part in both local and global campaigns. Not only can we incite change today, but we have a moral obligation to write our own history.

Because history does not belong to the dictators and executives of the world, it belongs to citizens- to working mothers; to people of color; to children.

When we act together, the people have the power, and we have to remind our leaders of this reality.

While many millennials connect to these concepts, many are also cynical. We are aware of how much corporate control there is in our political system, and our voice can seem faint.

But it's not. The most significant changes in history were made by a group of people who dreamt of something larger.

And in case you forgot, here are seven quotes that remind us that incredible changes start with a small group of people doing the right thing.

So keep on trying. Keep on fighting. When your heart is in the right direction, any attempt is a successful attempt.


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