7 Jewelry Brands that Do Good

A dazzling guide for bling with conscience

Jewelry accessories.

(Svetlana Verbitckaia / shutterstock.com)

Melding social awareness and a great sense of style, the following jewelry creators do more than sharpen looks with glitzy bling; they are fervently committed to a variety of causes.


WHAT Honest and fair gemstone jewelry.
IN DETAIL Bent on a creating a fair trade system for creating and selling jewelry, The Clarity Project's founders - Shane Rogers, Rachel Lichte and Jesse Finfrock - make sure their jewelry is made from fair trade certified metals. In case of diamond jewelry, the gemstones are sourced from the fairest mines. 
THE CAUSE 100% of net profits are invested in mining communities via collaboration with the nonprofit Shine on Sierra Leone
WEBSITE: http://www.clarityproject.com/ 


WHAT Handmade gifts by artisans from Ethiopia and India.
IN DETAIL Beautiful handmade jewelry, paper, scarves and soaps crafted by artisans from Ethiopia and India is the name of the game for Raven + Lily. The socially-conscious and eco-friendly brand also provides sustainable economic opportunities for marginalized women.
THE CAUSE Income to artisans from challenged regions. The brand also donates 10% of their sales, funding education, micro-loans and healthcare.
WEBSITE: http://www.ravenandlily.com/


WHAT Selling jewelry as a form of philanthropy.
IN DETAIL Founded in 2008, Jewelry for a Cause was born out of founder Jessica Mindich ambition to sell her self-designed jewelry in order to generate funds for charity. The brand has since raised over $300,000, which has been donated to hundreds of schools and charities.
THE CAUSE Various nonprofits - listed here.
WEBSITE: http://www.jewelryforacause.net/ 


WHAT Jewelry made by Ecuadorian artisans.
IN DETAIL Amanda Judge was researching her academic paper about eliminating poverty in the Andes, when she met some Ecuadorians who allowed her a glimpse into their lives and craftsmanship. Judge then founded The Andean Collection, which utilizes traditional Andean bead jewelry.  
THE CAUSE Job opportunities for Ecuadorian jewelers and a chance to boost cross-cultural collaboration.
WEBSITE: http://theandeancollection.com/ 


WHAT Innovative design coupled with a sustainable approach.
IN DETAIL New York-based jewelry Lisa Linhardt melds creativity, extensive background in arts and a socially-minded awareness in her work. Her collections are made from sustainable materials and some of the the profits are donated.
THE CAUSE A portion of Linhardt’s proceeds funds an african girl’s college education (via Kenya Education Fund).
WEBSITE: http://www.linhardtdesign.com/


WHAT Fancy jewelry with celebrity allure.
IN DETAIL A collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings designed by Pam Sweeney.
THE CAUSE A portion of all sales is donated to organizations whose aim is to preserve and protect rivers and oceans: Surfrider and Waterkeeper Alliance.
WEBSITE: http://pamedesign.com/


WHAT A collection of bracelets created by Cambodian metalsmiths and US-based designers.
IN DETAIL Driven into action after meeting survivors of sexual trafficking in Cambodia, Jessica Hendricks founded the Brave Collection, a social enterprise that sells bracelets in the shape of the word “Klahan” - "brave" in Cambodian.
THE CAUSE Fighting human trafficking.
WEBSITE: http://www.thebravecollection.com/