7 Lullabies to Help Your Little One Sleep Like a Baby

Soothe your baby (and yourself) to sleep with this relaxing music.

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Even before a baby is born, she perceives and reacts to sounds in the womb. But once this precious bundle of joy is here, calming music can offer a helping hand to sleep-deprived parents. Lullabies can be an important part of a comforting bedtime routine. Played around a half hour before bedtime or nap time, they can be a signal to little ones that it is time to wind down and that sleep is on the way. They can also help soothe unsettled infants into a relaxed nighttime sleep.

Our bodies naturally respond to the rhythm of the music we listen to. So slow, gentle and repetitive music will slow our heartbeats and allow for deeper, calmer breathing. The quiet sounds help relax a baby and act as a contrast to the day’s louder, more chaotic sounds.

The ritual of singing or humming lullabies can be a beautiful bonding moment between parent and child. And there are enriching developmental bonuses too, as Dr. Ibrahim Baltagi discusses in this UNICEF video.

Why not dip  into this list of soothing bedtime musical treats to inspire you to warm up your vocal cords or to play them to your babies to help them (and so you) enjoy a better night’s sleep!

All Through the Night, sung by Birgit Brinck

This was a Welsh song, Ar Hyd y Nos, originally published in 1784. It’s a well-known hymn but often doubles as a lullaby. It was written by Edward Jones who became the official harpist for the Prince of Wales.

Its lyrics encourage your baby to sleep, offering the protection of angels and loved ones.

All of Me, John Legend

While John Legend’s 2013 piano ballad was written for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, the star is reported to have sung this hit song to their daughter, Luna. And this love song works well as a lullaby too.

All the Pretty Little Horses, sung by Steven Trip & Laura Pergolizzi

This haunting American lullaby that’s also sung more like a ballad, is thought to be African American in origin. It promises that if the baby sleeps, she’ll have “all the pretty horses” when she awakens.

A verse thought to be added later suggests that the singer is lamenting not being able to take care of her own baby as she must work to care for another’s infant. This lullaby has been covered by many popular artists, and even inspired a novel.

Lullaby Mix, Best Baby Lullabies

This is a medley of instrumental interpretations of well-known lullabies. An ethereal-sounding xylophone leads the melodies that makes them reminiscent of music box tunes.

This is clear and very peaceful music, and includes many lullaby favorites.

Hey Jude, sung by Imaginary Future 

Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, this was tweaked for John's son Julian in an act of empathy and compassion.

This is a perfect lullaby, an ideal bedtime soother. This cover version is especially calming.

Cradle Song (Wiegenlied) also known as Brahms’ Lullaby

This remains a classic bedtime song for babies and has always been a music box favorite. Johannes Brahms composed it for one of his former loves on the birth of her second child in 1868.

The lyrics are based on a folk poem, and encourage little ones to lie down, rest and fall asleep.

3 Hours of Soothing Sleep Music for Babies @432Hz, Calming, Relaxing Music

This tender, meditative music taps into the power of sound healing. This type of sound has been used therapeutically by devotees of ambient sounds to touch not just our ears,  but also to help balance our energies and reduce stress.

 432 Hz frequencies have been associated with enhancing mood and alleviating fatigue. Tuning to the earth frequency. 432 Hz is known as the natural tuning of the universe and is a cosmic number related to sacred geometry that provides relaxation.

Beautiful Boy, John Lennon

Written for his little son, Sean, with Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s sweet song is a moving ode to the love between parent and child.

Sing or play it to soothe a crying little one or your own new-parent anxiety.