7 Organic Pet Foods That Will Make Your Pets Beg for More

Organically grown food is fresher, usually locally sourced and organic milk and meat are richer in nutrients and better for the environment.


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Organic food has become very popular. That's because the benefits of organics are well known. Organically grown food is fresher, usually locally sourced and organic milk and meat are richer in nutrients and better for the environment. What's not in organic food is far more important: fewer or no pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs.

We check the labels of the food we buy for ourselves, but do we check the labels of the food we buy for our furry family members? Most pet foods contain animal byproducts and bulk fillers that are not fit to be consumed by people. Why should our pets eat them? Maybe it's time to think about organic food for them too.

The benefits of organic food for pets are numerous according to Organic Authority. There is a reduction in skin ailments and allergies because organic pet food is free of artificial colors, flavor enhancers, chemical additives as well as pesticides. Organic pet food contains quality protein and grains that support your pet's immune systems. There are fewer digestive issues too because the food is easier to digest, and your fur babies will digest more of the nutrients that need.

Organic pet foods are available in pet stores or online and there are choices that include dry kibble, canned, freeze dried, and treats.

1. Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks Organix

Castor and Pollux believes that purposeful pet food doesn't happen by accident. The company  uses only organic and responsibly sourced ingredients to create nutritious recipes that your pets will love. There is a large variety of multiple flavors in dry and canned foods for dogs and cats in the Organix line including weight management, puppy food, a special formula for indoor cats, and treats.

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2. Yarrah

Yarrah only sells all organic food for dogs and cats including dry, canned, pate and treats. This conscientious brand carries the pan European green leaf label that assures consumers that the product has met the stringent requirements and is certified organic. They carry all vegetarian too.

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3. Evangers Organics

The innovators of hand packed gourmet dinners for pets of all life stages also has organic varieties for dogs and cats. Evenger's cans are packed with wholesome raw ingredients in their natural juices that are cooked inside the cans to lock in nutrients and flavors. This tastes as close to home-cooked food as possible in a can.

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4. Organic Paws

After researching the ingredients in large commercial companies' dry food, the founders of Organic Paws decided to create a safe, natural, raw, and balanced certified organic pet food that mimics the diets of carnivores in nature. The ingredients have been certified by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) that assures their purity. There are three meals, and mini meals that can be fed to both dogs and cats as well as treats.

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5. Newman's Own Organic

Paul Newman's organic world now includes USDA certified organic pet foods with a line of premium foods that use only free-range beef from Uruguay and organic poultry with special varieties for seniors and puppies.  What's great about Newman's Own is that 100 percent of the profits are donated to charity.

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6. Honest Kitchen

Made from human grade food, Honest Kitchen was created to ensure that your pets eat the safest, healthiest and highest quality food single meat protein- cage-free turkey, hormone-free beef, or free-range chicken, all of which are sustainably sourced. The food is made with whole foods that are passed through a dehydration process that preserves the flavors, natural ingredients, and nutrition. Available for all life stages. Honest Kitchen is a member of Green America.

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7. PetGuard Organics

PetGuard uses 100 percent USDA certified organic ingredients that are responsibly sourced in their organic line of canned food for cats and dogs that is suitable for all life stages including vegan. There is a new line of organic beef jerky treats for dogs.

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