7 Sites to Find You the Perfect Coworking Space [LIST]

Coworking is than just shared offices - it’s about community and collaboration. Find yourself a desk now and get in on the action.

Coworking is about collaboration over competition

Coworking is about collaboration over competition (Visual Generation / Shutterstock.com)

First up - what is coworking, exactly? The new trend in non-conformative work arrangements, coworking takes place in a shared space, bringing together people who aren’t employed by the same organization - usually people who work from home, travel a lot, or freelance. But it’s more than just a shared office or professional hub - coworking brings together individuals who value community and collaboration, who want to share skills and stories and grow from their interactions at the water cooler.
Coworking promotes productivity by providing all the benefits of an office environment, and is part of the collaborative consumption movement, saving on big ticket items like printers and board rooms. Coworking spaces are hubs of creativity, giving birth to innovative startups and groundbreaking ideas.
This list gives a taste of the range of platforms and organizations fueling this new trend - either by bringing together various coworking spaces for users to find or by providing boutique and specialized locations.


WHAT: Gangplank is where volunteering meets coworking. Desks in the shared spaces are available free of charge, and members work for their keep by either volunteering their time to run the coworking spaces or helping out with projects handed down from the city government. Gangplank’s manifesto perfectly encompasses the values of coworking, seeking to cultivate what they call “an economy of innovation.”
WHO: Roaming professionals who prefer collaboration over competition.
WHERE: Chandler, Arizona, Avondale, Arizona, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Richmond, Virginia - and they’re open to new locations anywhere an enthusiast wants to start a Gangplank community.  


WHAT: This is coworking with a twist. Coworking Camp organizes getaways on which independent professionals can work during the day, socialize at night, and take part in organized community events throughout the week. Activities include friendly user feedback sessions, trips around the destination, speed networking, workshops and pitch training. Everyone gets a desk in the coworking space, and participants can choose to join for any time period from one week to the full six weeks. Reasonably priced, the camps purport to cost less than what you would spend during a regular week at home.
WHO: Europeans, specifically startup founders, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.
WHERE: So far, camps have been run in Egypt and Turkey, taking advantage of warmer climates.


WHAT: The premier site for finding and booking hot desks, private offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms, ShareDesk is tastefully-designed and showcases coworking spaces beautifully. The Vancouver-based initiative lets renters set their own prices, much like an airbnb for offices.
WHO: Business travelers - book ahead to avoid setting up in a noisy cafe only to find out that the Wifi is patchy and the staff doesn’t love customers settling down for hours at a time.
WHERE: 2,400 venues in 440 cities around the world - from Australia to Kazakhstan and everywhere in between.


WHAT: Coworking is an environmental way to work in and of itself - Greenspaces just takes it up a notch. Completely solar-powered, the coworking locations include lounge space, conference rooms, hang out areas and a shared kitchen. Members have 24/7 access, so early birds and night owls are equally welcome.
WHO: Coworkers who want to minimize their carbon footprint.
WHERE: Denver and New York City


WHAT: Less about the community and more about awesome shared spaces, DeskTime is geared towards the space renters, to make the process of running a hub simpler. With its own payment system and app, making and taking payments is easy and contract-free.
WHO: The casual coworker or business traveler looking to try out the collaborative concept.
WHERE: All over the United States, as well limited international coworking spaces such as Canada, Australia, Germany and Turkey.


WHAT: Named for Hera, the Greek goddess of women, Hera Hub runs women-only, spa-inspired hubs - complete with soft lighting, candles and the soothing sound of running water. The locations provide networking opportunities, community visibility and access to workshops, to give women’s business ideas that extra edge.
WHO: Female entrepreneurs and innovators.
WHERE: Three locations in San Diego and one about to open in Washington DC.


WHAT: NextSpace coworking hubs want to revolutionize the nature of work in the 21st century, by providing both office space and support to the self-employed. Members come from a variety of industries - from software and design to marketing and architecture - and enjoy the usual office facilities along with the shared knowledge of a community of creative doers. To cater for a range of customers, NextSpace offers three levels of membership, so coworkers can choose between an open, comfortable workspace, a dedicated workstation or a separate office.
WHO: Freelancers and small business owners.
WHERE: Nine locations across California.