Urban Farming – Singapore Style

Bringing nature to urban centers

Vertical farming systems.

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Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, complete with a thriving urban center of commerce and development. But for all the riches the country possesses, they lack in farmable land - unable to produce large quantities of locally farmed vegetables.
Sky Greens has come up with an innovative solution to fit Singapore’s needs: a tropical vertical urban farming system that uses minimal land, water and energy resources. The low-carbon, hydraulic water-driven green technology was developed by Mr. Jack Ng, whose goal was to produce higher yields of edible veggies per unit of land. The patented green technology allows tropical vegetables to be grown all year round, as the harvests are housed in protected outdoor greenhouses, safe from pests and temperamental weather conditions. To that end, the production yield of Sky Greens is impressively five to ten times more per unit area compared to other Singaporean farms growing vegetables by conventional methods.
Considering that only 7% of vegetables in Singapore are locally grown, Sky Greens is a great solution to increase the production and delicious consumption of fresh local vegetables.         [Source: Sky Greens]

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