The 6 Styles of Good Doers

From Lennon to Princess Di - all good doers have style. What's yours?



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What’s your style of doing good? Some strive to be continuously generous, others believe in shaking things up. Some maintain a positive mindset no matter what, others make sure they volunteer for their favorite cause on a regular basis. The beauty of it is - doing good is for everyone. Here are the 6 styles of good doers. What’s your style? Click here to find out.


STYLE: Dreamers think out of the box. Vision, ingenuity and creativity are their playgrounds.
VALUE: Innovators at heart, Dreamers have the ability to take humanity to the next level.
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STYLE: For the Planet Saver, the greener - the better. The Planet Saver cares about the environment and shapes his or her lifestyle in accordance with eco values and sustainability. 
VALUE: Planet Savers make sure that the world is still here long after we’re not. 
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TAKE ACTION: The mother of all green activism organizations, Greenpeace is where sustainability is really fought for. 

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STYLE: Moral values guide the Idealist’s actions. The Idealist has a strong sense of integrity and seeks justice for all. 
VALUE: Idealists not only believe in justice for all - they will go the extra mile for that.
ICONIC IDEALIST: Princess Diana. 
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TAKE ACTION: Causes is the utlimate home for Idealists.

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STYLE: The world is the Explorer’s oyster. Ever curious, the explorer is open minded and an adventurer and heart. Explorers are always eager to discover foreign lands and other people - geographically or metaphorically. 
VALUE: Explorers are courageous souls - they love seeking more knowledge and expanding information. 
ICONIC EXPLORER: Albert Einstein. 
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STYLE: Movers & Shakers make things happen. They’re in their element when in the lead, and are happy to give the world what it needs from them: guidance, influence and confidence . 
VALUE: Movers & Shakers are natural leaders - they are the fuel of any good-doing operation. 
ICONIC MOVER & SHAKER: Oprah Winfrey. 
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TAKE ACTION Get in touch with fellow Movers & Shakers on Meetup, and get your initiative off the ground via Kickstarter.  


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STYLE: Common sense helps the Peacemaker find common ground. The Peacemaker is an excellent listener and has an extraordinary ability to find and forge a connection between people. 
VALUE: Peacemakers are natural solvers of conflict, but even if no conflict arises - they are the connectors, making human interaction much smoother.
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TAKE ACTION United Planet is the right place for Peacemakers. 

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Do you recognize yourself in any of these?
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