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50/50 pledges to make a change, for real

Feb 19, 2012



50/50 is chock full of initiatives. (Image: the 50/50 website)

50/50 is a micro-finance platform a-la Kickstarter that is focused on famine relief in East Africa. The brainchild of Good for Nothing and Made by Many, 50/50 was conceived, according to the website, “over a few enthusiastic Skype calls, several beers, and some agile tech experiments.” the result is a pleasingly-designed website that now numbers 43 projects - you can support specific projects or donate to the website in general.
Intriguing projects include donating your child’s art to raise funds for the 50/50 UNICEF Famine Relief effort, and the inspiring NYC Famine Hackathon -a collaboration of techies, designers and marketing pros to develop fundraising projects for UNICEF over one weekend. More inspiring projects are listed here.
We like the go-getter vibe and the pledge for making real change.

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