The Digital Way to Resumé

Pathbrite Portfolio provides a broader picture of the individual

Job interview.

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The mission to encapsulate one’s educational and professional background into a one page resumé or a standard college application can be daunting. Fortunately, the smart folks at Pathbrite have come along to provide a more holistic way to view a job candidate or university applicant. Pathbrite Web Portfolios are a digital way to collect, track and showcase educational and professional achievements.
The digital platform helps users shine by giving them the opportunity to highlight some of their best works in the form of text, photos or videos. Students can experience the perk of the Knowledge Graph feature, which documents, analyzes and maps individuals’ achievements against their personal goals and those of their peers.
Pathbrite is paving the digital way in redefining how individuals represent themselves, and perhaps making the traditional resumé a thing of the past. [Source: Pathbrite]

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