A Project Bursting with Energy

LiveWork redefines sustainable housing

Modern buildings.

(Goncharovaia / shutterstock.com)

LiveWork, an architectural project that was recently awarded first prize in the Dow Solar Design to Zero competition, is nothing less than mind-boggling: first and foremost, it redefines the concept of sustainable housing, so that it encompasses social and economic aspects on top of environmental features. Second, the structure is just stunning.
The brainchild of architects Eric Laine and Suzanne Steelman, LiveWork is a 2-floor structure: the first floor is a retail space, the second is a housing space. The building is divided into 3 units, each can accommodate a group or family. The combination of housing and retail spaces means that the structure is actively used nonstop, thus ensuring the most efficient use of energy.
Curious? Take a guided tour of the house with this 10-minute video.
This is the kind of project that is just brimming with energy.

Too lazy for reading? Just watch here.