New Upcycling: Skateboards Reborn as Shades

EQO Optics turn waste into beauty


(Lens Hitam /

EQO Optics pull the kind of magic planet savers love: turning old skateboards into super cool shades.
In collaboration with I Ride I Recycle - a movement that promotes recycling in skateboarding and among skaters - EQO reuse wood waste and broken decks, breathing a whole new life into old materials.  
EQO Optics sprang out from Kickstarter by Colorado-based Jon Winfrey, who wanted to find better use for the hordes of skateboards amassed by skating enthusiasts. A bunch of skating stores in Colorado have been helpful in donating old skateboards for the cause, which was born in Winfrey's garage. After launching as a side gig, Winfrey decided to take EQO to the next level via Kickstarter.
The sunglasses are beautifully designed, carrying a rugged edge that corresponds with the skateboarding vibe. Even more inspiring? Their passion and love for upcycling. [Source: EQO Optics]

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