A Photographic Exploration of Look-Alikes

Francois Brunelle's double exposure


Portrait of a young girl.

(Cast Of Thousands / shutterstock.com)

Do people often tell you that you look like someone else they know?
Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle focuses his lens on this extraordinary phenomenon in his photographic project, I'm not a look-alike, that captures unrelated pairs that share an uncanny resemblance.
The portraits of two are not only beautifully photographed, they also display such striking resemblances, that it's hard to believe that the duos are not in fact identical twins. Yet - they're not.
If you look like someone else, or if you know of two other people who do, you're welcome to get in touch with Brunelle, who jet-sets the world, reaching various locations including Toronto, Paris, London and Geneva.   
I'm not a look-alike is a work in progress that is planned to culminate with an exhibition and a complementing book. [Source: Francois Brunelle]

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