Collaborative Problem Solving Goes Online

Solvish is the home of solutions

A young man typing on a laptop.

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Problems big and small find a solution on Solvish, an original and innovative platform for collaborative problem solving.
Founded by a Hamburg-based team of designers led by Anton Exner, Solvish enables users to post problems that need solving - anything from adding a crosswalk in a bustling city corner to saving wild lions. Other users can follow the problem, offer a solution or engage in dialogue. Easy linkage with other social media platforms, enables users to promote issues discussed via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
Adding a touch of gamified competitiveness, Solvish grants users points, which equal to the number of the followers of a solved problem. Hence, on Solvish the drive to achieve more points will get more problems solved and more people involved.
Which is another way to say that Solvish is on a mission to make this world a better place. [Source: Solvish]

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