An App to Demystify Energy Lingo

Leafully uses trees as a measure of energy use

Forest trees.

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Last year, the White House launched an initiative called the Green Button - a nationwide program whose goal is to make electricity consumption transparent to customers. Green Button ensures that customers are granted access to secure and downloadable information on their electricity consumption, by way of helping them make educated choices about electricity usage. Yet when it comes to figuring out energy units and their worth, most people are in the dark.  
Enter Leafully, a free app that lends a whole new meaning to electricity usage by translating energy units into the number of trees it would take to offset your energy consumption. This is how we learned, for example, that turning the computer off at night is the equivalent of saving 10 trees! The app - available with a quick registration -also connects to your data from your utility provider so you can track your usage. 
Not only the grand prize winner of the U.S. Energy Department's Apps For Energy contest, Leafully also provides great tips and activities on their site for reducing energy use. [Source: Leafully]

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