Vegas is Up for a Community-Focused Overhaul

Downtown Project breathes new life into town


Downtown Las Vegas is up for a major overhaul, and it's all thanks to one company's decision to relocate its corporate headquarters. 
Zappos, the billion dollar shoe retailer now owned by Amazon, looked into ways to create a corporate campus that would respond to employees' needs, while also cultivate a strong, active and bonded community. So along with creating pampering offices for his employees, Zappos' CEO, Tony Hsieh, is leading Downtown Project.
The mission is to transform downtown Las Vegas into a community-focused city, which is achieved via a hefty fund of $350 million. Money is allocated to real estate development alongside investments in education, tech startups and small businesses - the fuel for a bustling urban community. Downtown Project also host enriching events, presentations and live talks, primarily geared for entrepreneurs. The website tracks Downtown Project's many developments, and gives voice to downtown Vegas' people and community.

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