7-Year-Old Boy Sends Word Puzzle to Uplift The Queen

Timothy Madders performs an act of kindness for Queen Elizabeth II and becomes a celebrity!

Jul 16, 2020


7-Year-Old Boy Sends Word Puzzle to Uplift The Queen | Timothy Madders performs an act of kindness for Queen Elizabeth II and becomes a celebrity!

Dale Carnegie is famously quoted as saying, “Life truly is a boomerang. What you give, you get.” Seven-year-old Timothy Madders excitedly caught that boomerang it was a letter from Her Majesty The Queen.

Timothy lives with his family in Billericay, Essex, about 70 miles east of Windsor Castle. Sitting at home, he started to feel sad for 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has been isolating with her husband Prince Phillip in Windsor Castle since March.

“She's probably wanting to keep herself busy,” Timothy told BBC News. And so Timothy made the Queen a word search puzzle and filled it with happiness-related clues.

He created the puzzle in his best handwriting and then wrote a letter to the Queen. He said he wanted to uplift her as she may be feeling lonely. He signed it “Love Timothy Madden” and asked his mother to mail it to Windsor Castle. In the meantime, he made copies of the puzzle and gave it out to neighbors on his street.

Time passed... until recently, when he received a response. It was an official letter from the palace written by one of the queen’s ladies in waiting. “Dear Timothy,” it read, “Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated, and The Queen hopes that you too are keeping safe and well in the current situation.”

Timothy grinned from ear to ear. His sweet act of kindness and his desire to think about others went viral. Timothy’s compassionate deed has been picked up by news networks across the globe. He was recently interviewed on This Morning, a popular British television program. On the show he explained, “I know lots of older people than me who are suffering during lockdown and who are really struggling and are getting a bit bored.”

And how can one not be uplifted by a hand-written letter accompanied by a home-made puzzle with the following happiness-inducing words: smile, love, hug, jolly, sunshine, friends, holiday, playtime, family and, of course, happiness!

“He’s always thinking about other people,” his mother Jo Madders told the BBC News.

Timothy cares. He threw the boomerang of kindness. It came back. And then it went around the world again.

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