8 Awesome DIY Solutions to Declutter Your Home

Reclaim your space - and your mind.

Sep 8, 2016
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A messy desk can easily be transformed into home office heaven with a few magnetic strips and sorters.

Having an organized desk frees up your mind to focus on important tasks at hand. (Womansday)

Organizing your home is properly insanely satisfying - and it’s also been proven that a clean home also leads to a clearer mind. While there are more than enough products on the market to help you in your endeavour, there’s plenty of easy DIY solutions you can make yourself. The best part - your home is going to be so organized, you might never lose anything ever again.


Anyone living in an apartment, usually doesn’t have the pleasure of their own garden. This very simple DIY solution by HomeMade Modern will give you enough space to grow any and all herbs and flowers you want, even in the smallest of spaces.

This hanging garden is made from simple wooden boards, rope, and zip ties.

This hanging garden is made from simple wooden boards, rope, and zip ties. (YouTube)


The cupboard underneath the kitchen sink always gets messy, no matter how many times you organize it. The simple solution: hang the bottles on a tension rod and put everything else in baskets, some of which you can also attach to the sides of the cupboard.

Tension rods and small baskets are the secret to a tidy your cleaning utensils (JenThousandWords)


Magnetic strips have been used to hang knives for quite some time now, but they can be far more versatile than that. Put your herbs in small metal boxes and hang them on the wall next to your stove, or install a small magnetic strip in your bathroom to hang hair clips, nail fails and other small items that always get lost.

Magnetic strips are a versatile tool to organize small items in your bathroom and kitchen.

Put a magnetic strip on the inside of your bathroom cupboard and never loose bobby pins again. (Sprwmn)


Having furniture you can easily move out of the way is essential to maximizing your space and making the most out of your apartment. This smart fold up home-office is easy to make and will save you tons of space when you’re done working.

A foldable table and chair are a great way save space for small apartments.

A foldable table and chair are a great way save space for small apartments. (HomeMade Modern)


If you still have one of those old CD-towers standing around somewhere even though your entire music library now lives on your computer, don’t toss it out just yet. Instead, simply turn it into a book rack for your kids. This way you can encourage reading, they’ll love it - plus it’s practical and looks nice.

An old CD-rack makes a great book shelf for children's books.

Repurpose old CD-shelfs into a cool book holder for your kids' room. 


As soon as your family consists of more than two people, you will automatically have an illogical amount of shoes in the house and there is never enough space to store them all. Follow the example of this creative Norwegian blogger who painted old crates and hung them on the wall.

Painted crates hung on the wall are a great and stylish way to store your family's shoes.

This simple project can completely transform your mudroom. (The Verden)


This neat DIY clothes rack can be made for just a few bucks with a piece of wood and old screwdrivers from yard sales or flea markets. You can of course create it in any length and color you desire to make this idea entirely your own.

A stylish clothes rack can be as simple as painted, old screwdrivers stuck into a piece of wood.

A few old screwdrivers and a piece of wood turn into a cool conversation piece. (HomeMade Modern)


With all the phones, tablets, mobile gaming systems, laptops in our homes, we all have a good amount of corded gadgets to charge everyday. Instead of keeping a big mess of cables lying around, organize them all in this DIY charging station, which has the added advantage of keeping your chargers all in one place.

Put all of your chargers and cables into a box with holes to get control over messy cables.

This DIY cable organizer turns that dreaded cable mess into a nice decorative box. (Two Loose Teeth)

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