8 Breathtaking Wellness Retreats For $1000 or Less

Treat your soul

(zjuzjaka / Shutterstock.com)

A week on a beautiful beach in Nicaragua, filling, healthy dinner options, freshly squeezed juices for every meal, and group yoga classes overlooking the water. Getting away to recharge can be one of the best things we do for ourselves. And while ‘wellness retreats’ may seem like an activity reserved for the ultra-wealthy, there are plenty of affordable options that focus on everything from running to reaping the benefits of geothermal mineral pools. Read on for these 8 relaxing wellness retreats for $1000 or less!

1. Longevity Relax and Wellness - Portugal

Aromatherapy massages, nutrition classes, mindfulness and more await at the Longevity Relax and Wellness retreat in Lagoa, Algarve - Portugal. Treat yourself to seven days of relaxing treatments and high-powered group workouts. Lush gardens and a private beach are the perfect backdrops for your wellness week.

2. Forte Village - Sardinia

Or if you would prefer a quick 3-day rejuvenation program, make your way to Sardinia. This resort boasts gourmet dinners, spas and thalasso pools, bicycles for those who want to ride around the village’s gardens and enjoy the Mediterranean scenery, and plenty of other activities, away from the bustle of your everyday life.

3. Relax and Restore - Cyprus

For a bliss-filled vacation, the Relax and Restore program allows guests to take advantage of their various spa treatments and resort activities. Whether you prefer facials, detoxing body wraps, or massages, this wellness program will leave you feeling pampered.

4. Divine Goddess Awakening Retreat - Puerto Aventuras (Marina), Mexico

This women and children retreat only empowers your inner goddess. The ten-day retreat offers activities for a mind, body, and soul detox. Attend one of their health and food workshops and then spend the rest of the day swimming in the gorgeous ocean.

5. Kripalu R&R - Massachusetts

Find your inner peace and destress while participating in outdoor activities, yoga, nutrition workshops, or a visit to their sauna. Self-care and solo time are two-valued practices at Kripalu. Create your own powerful experience by choosing your daily programs.

6. Thrive - California

With the redwoods as a backdrop and San Francisco and the Silicon Valley nearby, you’ll love this retreat that empowers participants to find new energy through immersion learning, discovering which priorities remain most important for you, and deep reflection. Add in the peaceful, fresh air plus several nights of good night sleep and you’ll walk away feeling completely recharged.

7. The Art of Living - North Carolina

If the lure of accessing America’s best Ayurveda Spa isn’t enough to lure you into spending some time in the Blue Ridge Mountains, maybe their packed wellness and self-discovery programs will change your mind. The staff is specially trained to help “shift you into self discovery,” during a variety of course options such as creative expression, relationships, spiritual practice, etc.

8. Yoga for Bad People - Costa Rica

This one is for your inner yogi. The Yoga for Bad People retreat includes two daily yoga classes, six days of surfing, meditation, exercise, and healthy dinners, all with a view of the ocean. Perfect your poses while enjoying what Santa Teresa has to offer.