8 Geeky Nonprofits That are Making the World Better

Super geek power is doing great things!


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Behind their ordinary looking desks are the superheroes that rise up and make the world a better place. Whether they’re creating and transforming average wheelchairs into stunning costumes that lift children’s spirits or designing custom gaming equipment for children with disabilities, these geeks are on a mission of changing the lives of deserving people around the world according to Pop Insider. Take a look at these eight geeky nonprofit organizations that put their superhero goodwill to the forefront for your Giving Tuesday donations.

World Builders
According to its website, World Builders wants to “unite the geek community into a massive force to fund education, opportunity, and sustainable self-sufficiency for families and communities worldwide.” And they rely on powerful non-profits to do so, seeking to improve the lives of families from around the world. Thanks to their partnerships with gamers, authors, readers, and more, the organization (along with their partners) work tirelessly to make the world a better place. 

Spirit of Children
No dreary hospital stays allowed if Spirit of Children has anything to say about it! This nonprofit provides funding, Halloween costumes, accessories, decorations, and more to hospitals all around the US. Their mission? To make hospital stays less scary and more pleasant for the brave kids needing around the clock care. Since 2007, Spirit of Children has raised $55 million to support art, music, pet therapy, and aquatic programs, as well as provide toys and fun educational games to distract kids during difficult procedures.

Stan Lee Foundation
Stan Lee’s legacy lives on! Throughout his life, Lee shared his passion for teaching and empowering writers and artists. Now, the foundation in his name promotes literacy, arts, and education programs that can help people practice important life skills. Through their mission to provide effective education, the nonprofit organization teaches minds of all kinds that they can triumph over challenges. 

Geeks Out
Out and proud! Geeks Out is on a mission to rally, empower, and promote the queer geek community. By organizing events, coordinating queer spaces at other events, and attending conventions, they work to increases the number of safe spaces for geeks who live and breathe comics. They even produced the world’s largest LGBTQ comics and pop culture convention, Flame Con!

Magic Wheelchair
Magic Wheelchair uplifts kids’ spirits in the most empowering way. At no extra cost to the families, this nonprofit decorates young children’s wheelchairs into costumes, allowing them to ride in style. The organization has transformed regular wheelchairs into stunning designs with themes such as: the Batmobile, Star Wars, Transformers, and more. 

Able Gamers Charity
Able Gamers wants all curious, passionate gamers to be able to play, especially people with disabilities. The nonprofit creates custom controllers and special assistive technology (mouth controllers, think devices that let you play with your eyes, and other customized designs) so that everyone can enjoy the power of video games and play with friends and family. 

Reading with Pictures
Ready, set, read! Reading with Pictures manages to get more kids interested in reading by providing comic books to classrooms with eager students. The nonprofit’s efforts make reading more fun and accessible and help bridge the educational gaps around the country. "SHAZAM!"

Anime Art Museum Project 
Join thousands of anime fans to honor and learn about all-things anime, courtesy of the Anime Art Museum Project. From promoting anime artists to studying the art, to celebrating its Japanese origins, fans can learn all about their hobby and passion in a supportive, engaging environment. 

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