8 Good Reasons to Get your 8 Hugs Per Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

The science of cuddles.

May 19, 2015

It's official: hugs are good for you, physically and emotionally. Recent scientific research has found that getting your full cuddle quota every day has significant benefits, including a healthy heart rate, a sense of calm, better sleep and more energy.

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So get your partner, friend, child or pet ready for embrace, and scroll down for the warm and fuzzy details. 

8 Good Reasons to get your 8 Hugs Per Day: 1. Giving 8 hugs per day allows you to reap the benefits of oxytocin - the hormone produced in a good hug; 2. Hugs of 20 seconds or more maximize the positive effects of oxytocin production; 3. Oxytocin can regenerate muscles; 4. Getting frequent hugs lowers your heart rate by 5 beats per minute; 5. Hugging is a natural stress reliever; 6. Adults who get frequent hugs sleep 21% better than their low-contact counterparts; 7. Hugging babies helps them grow up to be well-adjusted adults; 8. Frequent hugs can make you feel over 20% more energetic


Infographic: Yael Shinkar

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