Socially Conscious Hockey Pucks

RUBR: melding profit with purpose

Ice hockey.

(Ronnie Chua /

How does the foremost Canadian pastime - hockey - connect to the West African country of Liberia? The simple answer is hockey pucks.
RUBR, a newly launched social venture, sources natural rubber from Liberia and locally manufactures the hockey pucks in Canada. While most rubber is synthetic and made from the environmentally hazardous petroleum, RUBR takes the sustainable route by making pucks that are naturally tapped from trees.
Besides being good for the environment, RUBR is playing a part in rebuilding Liberia’s economy as it creates jobs and fuels local commerce.
Founded by Engineers Without Borders Canada and PUBLIC  Inc., RUBR finds a unique way to meld profit with purpose. Sounds good to us! [Source: RUBR]

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