Learn from Those Who’ve Been There, Done That

The Amazings: classes taught by folks over 50

Baking a sweet pie.

(fizkes / shutterstock.com)

In most world cultures, it is common to hear about the importance of learning from society’s elders, yet in today’s modern times, this adage has fallen by the wayside. The Amazings are on a mission to change this by providing a wide variety of classes taught by dynamic individuals over the age of 50.
Currently based in London but looking to expand beyond the UK, classes range from Indian cuisine and street photography to retro hairdos and mosaics. The informal and laid back atmosphere is enhanced by these cool wise folks who have so much to give. Anyone with a passion and a thirst to teach can become an Amazing, and for anyone with a desire to learn a new skill from an experienced senior - this is the right place. [Source: The Amazings]

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