Tate's Digital Home for Young Artists

An arts community hosted by the famed Tate

Feb 6, 2013

Image: screenshot of Tate Collectives

Young artists can now go online and share artworks, discuss, inspire and be inspired on Tate Collectives - a community of up-and-coming creatives.
Under the big, pampering umbrella of the famous British art institution, Tate, Tate Collectives provides an inviting home for young artists, wherever they are. While Tate is among the most prestigious art institutions in the world, Tate Collectives is anything but elitist, and proudly invites anyone who creates; believing in the notion of Art for All, the digital platform is available for anyone who loves art and creates art.
Tate Collectives operates online, but also runs events taking place at the four Tate galleries. [Source: Tate Collectives]

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