Creating a Masterpiece of Love

Love is Art: a mix of intimacy and paint


Art, Creative, Love
A couple holding a paint brush.

(Lana Sorokina /

If you have ever wanted to create a work of art made from love, then look no further than Love is Art. This creative endeavor combines intimacy with paint, and invites couples to create their own works of art with the complete Love is Art kit. The kits come ready made with: organic non toxic washable paint, painters tarp, cotton canvas, disposable slippers and a body scrubber for a thorough clean up afterwards. Each kit has its own style and varies according to paint color and canvas background.
The mastermind behind this lovely experience is Jeremy Brown, an abstract artist who has been incorporating intimacy into his own art work for years. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Love is Art will be donating 20% of all its proceeds this season to the World Food Programme.
Love is Art provides another outlet to intimately bond with your partner, and in the process, create an original artistic masterpiece. [Source: Love is Art]

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