Think Good, Speak Good, Do Good

The Huff Post brings word from Shari Arison


Shari Arison, businesswoman and philanthropist, is the founder of Good Deeds Day. (Image: by photographer Vardi Kahana, from the Wikipedia article about Arison)

Think good, speak good, do good - this is the essence of businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison’s vision, which she outlined in a recent post on the Huffington Post.
Arison maps out her philosophy for doing good, just in time for Good Deeds Day, March 25 - an international event that celebrates acts of goodness by people all over the world.
So what are the basics of doing good?
Arison emphasizes the fact that doing good is simple and accessible: everyone can do good, and even small deeds can be beneficial to others and make for real change in the world. Good deeds start from within - a positive thinking is the foundation for doing good and creating real change in the world, which can only be possible if a critical mass of people worldwide join forces to make a difference.
Good Deeds Day, March 25, offers everyone a chance to give of themselves for the benefit of others. All you need in order to participate is goodwill and the understanding that small speaks volumes - a simple smile is an act of goodness.
You may also read what Good Deeds Day is all about, and take a look at inspiring acts of goodness all over the world.  
A reminder: the Good Deeds Day campaign is in full swing! Hop over to this website to tell the world of your own acts of goodness for a chance to win a trip for 2 to an MTV event.

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