8-Year Old Makes Hospital Hallways a Bit Sweeter for Everyone

An entrepreneur who’s sweet as sugar

Sep 29, 2017


8-Year Old Makes Hospital Hallways a Bit Sweeter for Everyone | An entrepreneur who’s sweet as sugar

A tall glass of lemonade is one of those “appreciate the small things” aspects of life. 8-year-old Ulises Ornelas is turning his health-related lemons into lemonade by selling the drink to residents and staff.

Ornelas, who underwent brain surgery at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, found a unique way to embrace his recovery period. His occupational therapist, Liz Pohlen, suggested he exercise his muscles and walk around the hospital when the left side of his body became temporarily paralyzed after surgery.

That’s where the idea of the lemonade stand came from. Ornelas explores the hospital with his lemonade stand-on wheels so he can relearn how to walk and use his left arm again.

The 8-year-old is donating the profits back to the hospital as a way to give back and provide a treat for the hardworking hospital staff.

Healing the body never tasted so good.

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