9 Fun Facts About Spring to Make You Smile

This magical season will soon be here!


Playing in the puddles during a springtime rain.

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Spring is the perfect time of year. The weather is getting warmer and the days longer. Flowers are popping up everywhere and trees are beginning to bloom. Animals are heralding spring with birds singing and bees buzzing

All of this rebirth and rejuvenation is certainly a time to celebrate and enjoy. But how much do you really know about the season? Check out these nine fun facts about spring that are sure to make you smile.

Celebrate the Vernal Equinox

The first day of spring is called the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The name vernal comes from Latin and means equal night which is the case because there are 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night on the equinox which falls on March 20 or 21, according to Fact Retriever.


Traditional celebration of the Vernal Equinox.

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Children Grow More During Spring

Kids, like plants, grow faster in the spring than any other time of the year. Maybe it’s the fresh air and sunlight that causes this growth spurt.

Mother measuring how much her daughter grew.

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Busy Signals

More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other time of the year. According to History, holiday chats account for a 37 percent spike in phone calls. And that doesn’t include skype video chats of Zoom calls!

Calling mom on Mother's Day.

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Let’s Call it Spring

Before spring was called spring, it was called Lent, according to Just Fun Facts. In the 14 th century, it was changed to springing because plants were springing forth from the ground. The name changed to spring-time about 100 years later and was eventually shortened to just spring.

Welcome spring.

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Spring Fever is a Real Thing

People talk about spring fever as a time to goof off but it really exists. Medical experts think it could be caused by a change of diet, increased temperature and light, as well as hormonal changes. Of course, it could just be allergies.

Spring fever or seasonal allergies?

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The Easter Bunny is a German Import

While many people think of the hippity hoppity Easter Bunny as all American, that is not the case. According to Good Housekeeping, the idea of a bunny delivering treats dates back to 16 th century Germany. Dutch settlers brough the tradition to America around 200 years later.

Easter egg tradition.

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Get Your Umbrella Ready!

While April showers bring May flowers, it turns out that April is not the rainiest month of Spring. But as a whole, spring is the rainiest time of year in the Northern Hemisphere so get your umbrella ready. you never know when ou will need it.


Spring showers.

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Tulips are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Tulips are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring and symbolize love and rebirth. But did you know that tulips were once more valuable than gold? This time of tulip speculation in The Netherlands was called Tulip Mania and like most commodity speculation this boom went bust in 1637.

Tulip fields in Holland.

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The first St Patrick’s Day Parade Took Place in the US

St Patrick’s day is a really big deal in Ireland, after all he is the patron saint of the Emerald Isle. But the first St Patrick’s Day parade was not held in Dublin; it took place in New York City in 1762, reported People. So no matter which side of the pond you live on, put on some green and celebrate everything Irish.

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

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