9 Pieces of Uplifting Street Art from Around the World [LIST]

The outdoors serve as the canvas to house beautiful works of art

Jul 10, 2014

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You are walking on the street and suddenly see an unexpected burst of color and expression in a public space. What you are witnessing is street art, not to be confused with graffiti, and can range from a curious oddity to an image that makes a strong statement. Admission is free as street art is not confined to a gallery, but rather uses the outside world as a canvas to house murals, stencils and paintings. Take a digital tour through nine impressive examples of public art, and if you are interested in seeing more examples of street art, visit Google's Street Art Project

ARTIST: Natalia Rak
LOCATION: Terracina, Italy

Image from Natalia Rak

ARTIST: Julien Malland also known as Seth Globepainter
LOCATION: Paris, France

Image from Shutterstock

LOCATION: Johannesburg, South Africa 

Image from Flickr user Cybermyth 13

ARTIST: Ernest Zacharevic also known as Zach
LOCATION: Singapore 

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ARTIST: Magdalena Marcanero also known as Magda Love
LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York 

ARTIST: Eduardo Kobra also known as Kobra
LOCATION: New York City, New York

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ARTIST: Banksy
LOCATION: San Francisco, California 

Image from Flickr user Thomas Hawk

LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia 

Image from Flickr user James Jardine

ARTIST: Christian Guemy also known as C215
LOCATION: Essaouira, Morocco 

Image by Flickr user Vince Millet

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