9 Tech Free Hobbies to Cultivate This Winter

Hobbies are a great way to get creative and unwind even if the weather outside is dreadful.


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Technology has made people's lives easier. You can surf the internet to shop without ever leaving the comfort of your easy chair. You can Skype, SMS, or Facebook message your friends and relatives who live nearby or very far away.

But screen time is also taking people away from the hobbies and interests that can enrich their lives with creativity, imagination, new skills, and memories of simpler times.

Here are nine tech free eco-hobbies hobbies that will help you get creative and unwind. They use little or no electricity and produce almost no waste.

Create a Masterpiece

Art can take many forms and make great hobbies according to Inhabit. You can take up sketching, painting, ceramics and more. There are YouTubes that can help you learn almost anything. If you think you don't have talent, then buy a paint by number kit or buy an adult coloring book in your local craft store, bookstore or if all else fails, Amazon. So, get those brushes and colored pencils ready and create something.

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Make Music

Have you always wanted to take up the guitar or sing in a local choir? Here's your chance to learn something new, and maybe get to know more people too. Even just listening to music has some great effects on your brain too. Music is calming, it can lift your spirits, and exercising to music can make you more motivated to keep at it.

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Puzzle Me

Working on puzzles is a mind-expanding experience because they can give you a real mental workout, improve your memory, and lower stress. Puzzles have been around since ancient times and have never lost their popularity. The types and varieties are almost endless they include jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, brain teasers, word searches, and so much more.

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Reading Offline

Books can change lives and make imaginations soar. Besides making you smarter, more social if you join a book club, and much happier. That's because reading is a great stress reducer  and can actually help you sleep better if your read before going to bed. Of course, a great book may also keep you up if you cannot bear to put it down.

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Crafting Craze

Crafting is intensely satisfying and extremely popular because the end results are something beautiful that you can display in your home or give as gifts. You can take up knitting, needlepoint, crocheting or hook rugs (a much simpler craft) or learn how to make jewelry. You can all your supplies from a local craft store.

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Indoor Gardening

Whether you are growing houseplants to beautify your home and clean the stuffy inside air, or growing herbs to cook with. When the weather turns warm this spring you can take your green thumb outdoors and use plants to shade you home, get rid of mosquitos, and to provide beautiful flowers for you table.

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Build a Better Birdhouse

Woodworking is a very relaxing and practical hobby. You can build a better birdhouse for our feathery friends, learn to carve wood masterpieces, or build an heirloom clock using a kit and hand tools. All you need is a basement or shed to work in. No power tools required.

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Cooking or Baking

These are ideal hobbies to take up because you can eat the results. If you can't boil an egg, do not despair, you can take a cooking or baking course or start with mixes. Nothing makes your home smell like the holidays more than a pot of soup bubbling on the stove, or gingerbread cookies in the oven.

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Go Out in Nature

OK, it doesn't snow every day. Being outside is a great was to destress and get a good dose of vitamin D. So, take a walk, hike, or bicycle ride out in nature to get exercise, fresh air, bird watch, or just take in the sights.

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