9 Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes to Spice up Your Feast

More American's are opting for a vegan diet.

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Step aside Turkey, because Thanksgiving is getting an environmentally friendly makeover this year. As more Americans are opting towards plant-based diets for environmental, health, and ethical reasons, the impressive array of recipes gets richer. And the holidays are no exception. So, whether you’re doing an all-out vegan thanksgiving or want to spice up your sides with a little kick, you’ll find a bit of everything in these recipes. 

Stuffing with Tempeh Sausage 

Stuffing is my favorite part of thanksgiving. Herbed gluten that’s both moist and crunchy? Yes please! Alex Casperos's Delish Knowledge recipe's twist is a great way to impress your family and guests. The combination of fennel seeds, sage, and smoked paprika adds a sausage-tasting bite, while ingredients like maple syrup, soy sauce, and crushed red pepper flakes adorn your palate in an all-inclusive delight. 

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Sweet Potato Casserole

Tis the season of sweet potato and nutmeg. This recipe from Nora Cooks is straightforward and filled with coconut milk so it can’t go wrong. Plus, Nora’s butter pecan topping adds a fun kick for the whole family. 

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Mushroom Pate

Mushrooms are God’s gift to vegans. They’re fun, meaty, and cook quickly. This recipe from Scaling Back blends up our favorite fungi with thyme, garlic, and walnuts for a complex taste experience. Serve this dip as the guests are coming in or alongside salads.

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Pecan Pie

This vegan rendition of a classic pecan pie from Making Thyme for Health uses ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, which already makes it a winner in my book. What really makes it stand out though is a perfect combination of maple syrup, vegan butter, and coconut sugar, which gives it a caramel-like flavor and crunch.

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Stuffed Seitan Roast 

Seitan is one of my favorite ways to add a hearty experience to a holiday meal. This recipe from One Green Planet is perfect for thanksgiving because its packed with protein, earthy fall herbs, and a full comfort food experience. This recipe does call for a number of ingredients that you may not have lying around the kitchen so for an environmentally friendly version, bring some empty containers to the spice market to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.

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Persimmon Greek Salad

Persimmons are one of the most colorful, sweet, and adventurous of the fall fruit. This salad from Solluna combines crunchy kale, salty Kalamata olives, and juicy persimmons for a light and fresh appetizer that will leave your Thanksgiving guests impressed. 

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Shepherd’s Pie

Peas, mushrooms, carrots and gravy blend together to create a mouth-watering masterpiece in Lindsay Mostrom’s shepherd’s pie. As the fall and winter mingle this time of year, there’s nothing better than cuddling up to a hot and indulging savory pie. This recipe is available in a vegetarian and vegan versions.

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Green Bean Casserole 

Another classic dish, green beans are a natural part of the thanksgiving landscape (or tablescape, shall we say?) This recipe from the Minimalist Baker subtly blends a traditional simple side with some fun additions, such as mushrooms and fried onions. Make sure not to overcook the string beans and serve warm.

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Vegan Wellington 

Savory pastries add a festive kick to the holiday table. Making Thyme for Health's vegan version of a beef wellington combines the meaty texture of lentils with fresh seasonal vegetables. While there are a handful of ingredients in this recipe, many will already be in your kitchen cupboard, so don’t get overwhelmed.

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