9 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Keep your home toasty without turning up the heat.


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Staying warm inside on cold days.

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There’s nothing better than watching the leaves turn or the snow fall from the inside of your warm comfortable home. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, a warm fleece, and a good book on those cold wintery days.

Keeping warm this winter, with rising fuel costs and shortages is going to be a challenge but there are a myriad of ways to keep warm without turning up the thermostat.

The first steps to reduce your heating costs are to turn down or turn off your furnace, and to reduce the temperature of your water heater, reported Eco Watch. Check out these nine hacks that range from weather proofing your home, taking advantage of the heat of the sun, to warming yourself from the inside by eating a bowl of steaming hot soup.

Weather-Proof Your Home

A well-sealed-up home protects against heat loss. That’s because air leaks allow heat to escape and are actually fairly easy to remedy. You can DIY caulking, sealing, and weatherstripping your doors and windows, as well as other openings to the outside, according to a US Department of Energy report. Make sure you seal around your furnace ducts. Adding additional insulation will go a long way in keeping you warm this winter. You can actually save 10 –20 percent off your heating and cooling bills by taking these easy steps.

DIY home window to keep heat in.

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Use Curtains for Passive Heating

You can lose up to 10 percent of the heat in your home through windows, but this can be reduced by effectively using shades, drapes, and curtains, according to Eco Watch. You can passively heat (and cool) your home by using the power of the sun. Open your drapes up to let the sun in during the day and close them to keep the heat in at night. You can make this even more efficient by using insulated drapes or window film.

Light the Fireplace

Get warm and toasty by lighting a fire in your fireplace. But you do not have to cut down trees to use. There are sustainable alternatives according to Fernhill,  an Irish  garden center and landscaper. Wood bricks or biomass bricks are made from recycled sawdust and wood chips. These bricks burn hotter and cleaner than logs in your fireplace. Another eco-friendly alternative are logs that are made of soy and switchgrass.

Just make sure your fireplace dampers close tightly and check that your fireplace flue is in good shape, so you do not experience heat loss cautions the department of energy report.

Staying warm by the fire.

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Keep Doors Closed

Another simple way to stay warmer is to close the doors to rooms that you are not using, suggested Eco Watch. You can also close the vent so that more heat will go into the rooms that you are using. Turning off radiators will do the same thing. Keeping your outside door and basement door closed will also go a long way to keeping heat in and the cold out.

Cook or Bake

The cold weather months are the perfect time to cook and bake. You can take advantage of the heat you use cooking to warm up your kitchen. After boiling pasta, keep the pot on the stove while you eat dinner. Another tip is to keep your oven door open after cooking and baking. There’s no reason to waste the heat that has been generated.

Baking will warm up the kitchen.

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Layer Your Clothing

Dress for the weather and remember to layer up, according to RACV. Layering your clothing is the best way to keep warm. Make sure you wear warm socks and slippers indoors. You can also wrap yourself in a fleece blanket while you are watching TV or reading a book on the couch.

Have a Cup of Soup

Enjoy a cup of soup and warm yourself from the inside out, recommends The Spruce. Homemade soup boiling on the stove will also heat your kitchen. Besides eating something hot, you can also drink your favorite hot beverage. Keep a good supply of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or cider on hand for those cold weather days

Get warm from the inside out with hot soup.

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Use a Hot Water Bottle

Instead of turning on the heat or using an electric blanket, just pop an old-fashioned hot water bottle between the sheets a few minutes before you go to bed. You can also layer your bed instead of using just a heavy comforter. A thermal blanket under the comforter will help to keep the warm in and the cold out.

Just Get Moving

Getting your blood pumping is a sure way to warm up. Whether you do your work-out at home or take it outdoors, staying active generates body heat so keep moving. Even cleaning your home can warm you up.  Enjoying the season outdoors and staying warm are not mutually exclusive

Exercise inside or out to stay warm.

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