No-Tools-Required Furniture

SmartDeco: 100% recyclable home furnishings




What started out as a frustration against hard to assemble and overpriced furniture has turned into SmartDeco - a business that aims to simplify and beautify the homes of people throughout the United States.
Trent Moyal
, a recent university graduate, was fed up with constructing intricate and expensive furniture that he would have to disassemble and move each year. So he founded SmartDeco- furniture made from 100% recyclable corrugated fiberboard that is affordable and smartly designed. Manufactured in the United States, SmartDeco’s professionally engineered products are waterproof, and the company welcomes buyers to paint, customize and decorate their own home furnishings. The products’ assembly requires no tools, and the website is chock full of video tutorials so that anyone can enjoy their own beautiful and recyclable furniture. [Source: SmartDeco]  

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