Activate Your Goodness: the Book for Good Doers

Shari Arison's book launch coincides with GDD



After months of planning and anticipation, Good Deeds Day has finally arrived! The global celebration of good deeds is based on the simple idea that every person can do something for the benefit of others, be it large or small. All throughout the world people are doing their part to make a difference, from volunteering in their communities to brightening up someone’s day with a smile.
Good Deeds Day is the brainchild of businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, who has recently launched her new book Activate Your Goodness – a practical guide to doing good. The book is chock full of stories and useful tools to transform your own life and bring goodness to the world. As Ms. Arison explains on Fox 19, the book serves as a blueprint to integrate good doing into our daily lives. Arison, who was ranked by Forbes as one of the top 100 most powerful women in the world, shares in an interview with HuffPost Live  that good deeds start at home, in our communication, caring about people, in thinking good, speaking good and doing good. Elaborating more on this topic to Fox 6,  Arison states her belief that if we each take responsibility for our collective future, we’ll see a positive change in the world. Sounds like a plan to us!

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