Sustainable Food in the Cafeteria? Not a Dream

Real Food Challenge bring change

Blueberries in a bowl.

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Food service in colleges and universities is a big dollar industry - according to some reports, it's a 4.6 billion dollar business - but how much of it is invested in sustainable food? Real Food Challenge, an organization that unites students for real food in their institutions, is on a mission to shift $1 billion away from industrial agricultural and toward local, sustainable food growers.
Armed with the energy and vibrancy of the students who make up the Real Food movement  the organization runs a slew of activities to promote its message and make a change, including summits, leadership trainings, road trips and dedicated days of action. Real Food Challenge also travel the country's higher education institutions  to get them to sign the official Real Food Campus Commitment to buy 20% real food by 2020. [Source: Real Food Challenge]

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