A Dark Story Treated with Whimsy and Color

An animated documentary in the works.


A barbed wire.

(Jacob_09 / shutterstock.com)

It's 1936. A 14-year old girl Jewish girl travels alone from Poland to Israel. Her family is supposed to join her in Israel the following year, but a terrible war erupts in Europe, interfering with the plans.  
The girl, Michal Rechter, is now a grandmother. Her granddaughter, filmmaker and animator Ayala Sharot, is working on Broken Branches, a 25-minute documentary animation that recounts her grandma's story - a tale of loss and pain alongside joy and positivity.
The documentary in the works is up for funding on Kickstarter; the preview shows a carefully woven and artistically made story where whimsy and sadness are intertwined. In exchange for backing, the film's creators will grant one of a host of rewards, including, artwork from the film, knitted notebook satchels, or... invitation for an afternoon tea with Rechter and Sharot!
In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, observed today, April 8, in Israel and worldwide, Broken Branches is a fine cultural take of one story - out of millions - of a Holocaust survivor. [Source: Kickstarter]

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