A Quarter of Humanity Live Like This

A photo project sheds light on energy poverty

Sunset in Asia.

(Thammanoon Khamchalee / shutterstock.com)

Fact: 1.4 billion people lack access to electricity - that’s nearly a quarter of humanity.
Photographer Peter DiCapmo set out on a journey to places far and beyond (Nepal, Ghana and Kurdistan to name a few) to document the implications of energy poverty. The result is Life Without Lights - a series of real-life, authentic photographs that demonstrate what it’s like to live without access to electricity.
The award-winning project is heart-wrenching; DiCampo called the press and media section on his website Tearsheets for good reason. More importantly, it creates awareness to the pressing need of power to everyone.

A quick direction? Just go here: lifewithoutlights.com