What Do 7 Billion People Look Like?

The 100 People Foundation


Crowd of people.

(Matushchak Anton / shutterstock.com)

What do 7 billion people look like? What do we all share? These questions and many more are the focus of the 100 People Foundation; they aim to break down the global population into 100 people represented through photos, stories and a multi-media traveling exhibition called The World Portrait. An educational project, 100 People is asking children and schools worldwide to nominate an inspiring citizen of their country accompanied by a photo, description and an explanation of why they chose this person. The educational endeavor is intended to better present the world we live in, including the complex issues, cultural differences and resources that we share.  If you want to find out more, check out the impressive statistics about the world  broken down into 100 people, ranging from how many people live without water, have a college education and what languages they speak. [Source: 100 People Foundation]

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