The Number One Source for Women Empowerment

Lean In helps women achieve their goals

Portrait of a young woman.


Breathing some fresh air into feminism, Lean In, a nonprofit launched by Sheryl Sandberg, strives to empower women and help them achieve their goals - right now. And if anyone would now how to do that, it's Sandberg - the largely influential COO at Facebook.
Lean In is dubbed 'the next chapter' of Sandberg's similarly-titled book, which discusses how women can fulfill their potential and take the lead. Indeed, if you are a woman out looking for inspiration to go out there and just do it - Lean In is the website for you.
The entire platform is a treasure trove of content, yet it's two sections that stand out in particular - Lean In Stories, and the educational section.
The Stories gallery features first-hand testimonials by luminaries from a variety of fields - such as Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda and celebrated fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg - who give a firsthand account of a particular moment of significance to their personal and professional evolution.
The Education section is something of a mini school for women empowerment: crash courses in topics such as Negotiation or Team Dynamics are offered in the form of a video lecture and discussion guides.
So - dive in this website, and lean in. Now's the time. [Source: Lean In]

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