Accept and Connect With Family Constellations

Use family constellations to make peace with the past and forge a bright future.

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It is natural to yearn for emotional liberation and peace within. Using a special healing technique to restore relationships and build personal strength is available to all.

A type of therapy called family constellations aims to reveal concealed family dynamics, offering fresh perspectives on relationships, according to Good Therapy. The goal is to clear trauma that often repeats over generations, increase empathy towards others, and inspire peace with the past so you can be the best version of yourself. 

This type of therapy, also known as systemic family constellations, was founded in the 1990s by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist who passed away in 2019. Working closely with the Zulu tribe in South Africa for 16 years, he became inspired by their culture. Family constellations is Hellinger’s fusion of family therapy, Gestalt therapy, bodywork, psychoanalysis, and tribal rituals, according to Soul Advisor.

How does family constellations work?

Family constellations work is usually done in a workshop setting among strangers with a group facilitator leading the group, although it is also offered online. The person searching for answers, called the seeker, selects people from the group to be their family members, and leads them to certain positions or constellations in the room which intuitively feel right. These family members can be from generations gone by and can also be future generations. 

Even though only the facilitator and seeker know the internal complications, the selected “relatives” somehow intuit deep issues. Hellinger called this sense of knowing and connectedness a type of telepathy. The issues are played out verbally and the seeker observes, often gaining a fresh perspective on their own inherited family dynamics.

Incredible insights may be made, freeing the seeker from his or her past, from unconscious repetitive negative patterns, emotions, or behaviors, according to the Hellinger Institute. For many, it is a deep journey of personal development.

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Develop compassion and empathy for family

Many people have discovered that doing family constellations is self healing, lifting the weight of the world off participants. They are able to see life through a new lens and feel energized to meet life’s challenges.

A renewed compassion enables people to have more empathy for both themselves and their family members. People are also empowered to clear trauma that has been repeated from generation to generation.

Family constellations may offer an opportunity to heal and transform one’s own story, changing it to a narrative of success. Once pain has been cleared, according to the Hellinger Institute.  it opens up a desire to pursue meaningful goals and embrace talents.

Now is the time to make peace with the past and create positive relationships, and family constellations is here to assist you on your personal journey.

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