AI-Backed Avatars Help Gen-Z Find Love

Making it easier for people to connect.

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When Tinder debuted in 2012, The Guardian reports, the app-based dating service promised to revolutionize the dating world, making it easier to find love in the internet age. Over a decade later,Tinder and similar apps have indeed revolutionized the dating world. However, online daters also report fatigue and disappointment. Some of the complaints include difficulty finding a profile that is actually a compatible match, and dealing with ghosting – matches who go incommunicado after an initial connection

The internet age is morphing into the artificial intelligence age, and Fast Company reports, the app Snack hopes to leverage new and powerful tools to re-revolutionize the app-based dating world, and to offer a more user-friendly online dating experience.

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Robots in the Metaverse
Whereas in traditional dating and matchmaking apps, users make the initial connection, Snack gives each user a robot “wingman.” According to Future Party, Snack users train avatars by answering personal questions about themselves. These avatars, backed by AI’s chat abilities, make their debut in the online dating world by holding conversations with other users’ avatars. 

If a user’s personal robo-dater thinks that user will be a good match with the person whose avatar they are chatting with, the two robots will set up the human users, putting them in direct contact with each other. 

Right now, the AI avatars only chat virtually with each other, but Snack, a Gen-Z marketed app, has plans to make their dating service even more futuristic. The long-term goal is for avatars to go on dates in the metaverse, getting to know each other and assessing compatibility, before setting up their corresponding humans and facilitating their in-person connection. 

Ghosters go invisible
A personal robot dater scoping out potential partners on virtual “meta-dates” sounds futuristic, but maybe has the potential to reduce the swiping fatigue that comes from getting matched with hundreds of fake and non-compatible profiles daily in traditional app-based dating services.

And swiping fatigue isn’t the only online dating difficulty that Snack promises to tackle head on. Fast Company explains that, in 2022, the app made perennial ghosters literally invisible to others, removing them from the dating pool. Many users, sick of being ghosted too often, welcomed that change, so it’ll be interesting to see how Snack users respond to the AI-based changes as well. 

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Artificial intelligence promises some of the most powerful, world-shaking, and productive technology that has ever been invented. New, generative AI’s are already revolutionizing the finance, healthcare, business, and technology sectors. Perhaps these powerful robo-tools can help people find love. After all, who says a robot can’t also be a romantic?

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